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Leaves of Life


Your vessel or sachet is filled with a special combination of dried herbs that will help breathe
new life into your ...


Home...Family...or Workspace !

Salt of the Earth


Your vessel is surrounded by or filled with a sea salt

and rice mixture.


The sea salt is a tool used for cleansing negative energy.

The rice brings & promotes abundance.

Your Blessings By Nature!


Healing Colors


If you choose....Any combination of colors can be woven into

your vessel to enhance the energy of the herbs.

Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom accompany your vessel. These words will

help to ignite the purpose for which these combinations of

herbs were created just for you.


Over time, you will find your own words...your own prayer....

your own affirmation.


Those are the words - no matter how simple - that are the

most powerful because they come from deep within your



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