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 “Paula can bring peace and joy into your home with her herbal creations. I have

bought several of her products, and her baskets are joyful and a wonderful gift to

give." ~ Mary


“I have soooo many things from Blessings by Nature. I absolutely love everything!

Not only have I used them in my own home, I have purchased several baskets as gift

items. They are so special, so spiritual, and so unique. Every recipient has loved

them too.They are always amazed at the personal touch. If anyone is looking to

give a gift from the heart I would recommend they talk to Paula. Give someone a

Blessing!” ~ Patty


"Paula Greene D'Amico Blessings By Nature uses beautiful words and healing
herbs to create her inner and outer space clearing gifts - but her gift of teaching is a
connecting and mesmerizing experience.” ~ Nancy


“Paula has Wonderful Items in her "Blessings by Nature" something every woman

would enjoy!” ~ Paulette


"Coming from an intuitive family where we 'see' on a higher level, (thanks to all the

training by my mother, Carol Ann, Liaros), I instinctively knew Paula was a spiritually-

attuned soul. I love meeting like-minded kindred souls. Thx, Paula for my wonderful

herb sachets!" ~ Marina







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