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Home Blessings

Blessings by Nature combines an ancient tradition with deep religious faith to deliver special blessings to you, your home, or your business......

Our home is our refuge. It is our place to laugh, love, work, and rest.  Sometimes our refuge leaves us feeling restless.  The cause behind this unbalanced feeling could be any one of a number of variables… life changes, losses, gains, new adventures, or simply a complete change in living space (new home).  A Home Blessing can help restore balance, deliver peace, abundance, prosperity, as well as help open the door to healing.

What is a Home Blessing?
It is a beautiful ceremony using the power of Plants, Herbs, and
Words to help cleanse your home of any negative energy and help bring the good stuff back in to your home or business.

Our tools are very simple.

A pure white candle, sea salt, and a combination of herbs used to bless homes that dates back thousands of years


What can you expect?

This is a very solemn ceremony that includes the burning of herbs. If you are sensitive to the smell of smoke,
we can make adjustments for you.


Can you be at your home or office during the blessing?

Not only can you be there we encourage it so we can cleanse and bless you as well!


Hourly Rate for Home Blessing:$60

Call or email today to set up your personal consultation and appointment.


Home Blessings make great gifts for family, friends and co-workers!



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