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Anise Star: Love

Chamomile: purification

Cedar: dispelling negtive

energy, helps in making

choices, getting rid of fear

and anxiety, promoting


Cinnamon: brings forth


Nature's Gifts


Copal: helps your prayers go

directly from your mouth to

God's or the Divine Spirit's


Lavender:  restores balance

and peace

Juniper: provides a powerful

protective energy and aids in


Lemon Balm: used for


Mint: soothe and calm

Myrrh: used for protection


Orange Peel: Brings forth Joy

Patchouli: Used for


Rice: Brings forth Abundance

Rose Hips: Love & Beauty

Rosemary: attracts love and

friendship, promotes healing

from sadness

Rose Petals: Love, healing

and protection

Sea Salt: a tool used for

cleansing negative energy

Sunflower Petals: rids depression,brings


Sweet Grass: drive away fear

and thoughts of the unknown,

can clear or remove negative

energy from a person or


Thyme: restor vigor &

intellect, protects people

& homes from attacks or

illness, courage, preserve

and protect wealth

Tonka Beans:  money

White Sage: clears negativity

Yarrow:  helps heal  body

and energy


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