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Activating Your Creations

These natural one-of a kind bouquet of herbs have been gently placed in a clear glass vessel

touched by mother nature's sunlight or placed a pocket-sized sachet.  The herbs work together as

a tool to help clear you, your living space, even your working space of negative energy and open

the door to a new day bursting filled with endless possibilities



Your herbs may be placed in the center of your

home or in an area that you feel needs purification

from negative energy.



A small amount of your dried herb combination may be

crushed up and cast across the entrance to you home.

They will cleanse all who enter and all who depart your

sacred living space.

Leaves of Life



Using a charcoal disk in the heart of a fire resistant

vessel or may burn a small amount of your




Periodically your Sea Salt and/or crystals need to be

cleared of the energy they have absorbed and charged.

You may place your salt or crystals in the full moonlight


Leaves Of Life

Salt Of The Earth


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